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I work from the indiscipline, in a hybridization space between art and social sciences. I experience different ways of collaborative production in a pursuit to give art a social utility, thus denying its autonomy principal. Approaching my projects as audio-visual researches, I try to generate knowledge, which is after shared by the exhibiting format. I try to abide in the art’s symbolic language, consciously knowing that many times experimentation it is a path which takes it’s own way. My practice, by transiting the path of artistic collaborative/participative production, is not exempt of the conflicts involved in this way of producing. Sharing, in each project, the enunciation power with the “other” faces me constantly to the tension lining in giving/maintaining agency. Far for worrying me, I deeply believe it is in this tension, which inhabits the core of my projects, enriching them. Exploring the world of re-presentation I generate a constant search, to find and to show that common place where my space and the space of the “other” encounter. Always trying to locate my work in that interstitial space, which facilitates, but also forces the audience to be “one” and the “other” at the same time.