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Els ocells cantaven malgrat feia fret

Oral memories around the cultivation of the olive tree as a starting point to re-build, through everyday life’s micro stories, the live in rural post-war Catalonia. A vindication of the orality as a means of preserving the history of those whom the official history forgets. An exercise of construction and preservation of popular memory.

A juxtaposition of temporalities: the current, agitated, represented by the voice and the past, rested, represented by the images.

The project was carried out for Cal Cego, with the collaboration of the elderlies of La Juncosa del Montmell (Tarragona), although it is a contextual project it is representative by extension of many other villages in rural Catalonia and the struggles of its inhabitants.

Video HD estéreo mono canal. 24’37’’
Original language: Catalan
Tarragona, 2019
Cal Cego Collection