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Sinergies Locals

Relational process work done in collaboration with a voluntary group of people belonging to several different civil associations of Tarragona, comprising aboriginal and migrated people. The group worked towards the elaboration of a “Local” recipes book, where all the recipes were placed at the same level, whatever they were all time recipes or newly incorporated ones.

The work process was itself a intercultural space of exchange and dialogue, were participant explore the common points of view as much as the non solved differences. The book incorporates the participants narrations on they own integration processes, as a way to analyse who bear the weight of the integration processes and when the immigrated population stops being seen like foreign and stars to be seen like just another local. The outcome is not a multicultural exotic cook book, but a Tarragona’s real civic fabric one.

Digital publication
CA Tarragona Centre d’Art
Winner of Contextador 2014