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Promises takes the Gaudí neighbourhood of Reus as a starting point for reflecting on the scope and limitations of social architecture.

Focusing on the study of the architectural complex designed by Ricardo Bofill and built in the 1960s by the Municipal Housing Institute of Reus, the project establishes analogies between these and many other dwellings built from the 1940s onwards with the dual purpose of housing the working class and legitimising the Franco dictatorship at a popular level.

The visual essay approaches the context through the formal study of the building's communal spaces, and distances itself from it by developing in parallel a poetic reflection on modern architecture, its utopian vocation, its contradictions and the dystopias that these generated; highlighting the fact that the use of cement alone cannot provide a solution to social problems.

Video Installation variable size.
Video mono channel 6'30''
Original language: Catalan
Available subtitles: English, Spanish
Ladder, bricks, cabinet, wood, two sacks of cement, wood tv support.

Work produced thanks to the Production Grant Foundation Reddis 2020
Shown at the Antoni Pinyol Gallery, 2021. Run-up Ciutat de Palma awards 2022.
The work is part of the Contemporary Art Colecction of the Generalitat de Catalunya.