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L'Ordre d'Échiré

The piece refers to how language and images create and reproduce the processes of subordination of the other.
The video tries to open the possibility of breaking this idiosyncrasy linguistics, using different types of conjunctions, thus destabilizing the intrinsic nature of a dichotomy which, although a social construct, is seen as natural.
The video is accompanied by a series of 15 photos of the Casbah, which completes it. The first 7 images refer to each other as a constructed myth, whatever something that is not really experienced, but imagined. The second batch corresponds to the real Casbah, the place, the territory where ordinary people live ordinary lives. The two lots are separated by another image bearing this inscription: "Between myth and reality, there is only a thin veil of disturbing conjunctions that should be torn."

Installation variable size:
Video HD estéreo mono canal. 4’11’’
Original languague: French
15 photographs 280mm x 200mm, printed on methacrylate.

Shown at: Villa Abdellatif
Algiers, 2018